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The goal is to have all sectors, roles and genres come together as one Malta Entertainments Industry and Arts Association.
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MEIA is an association that works 24/7 towards one common goal - that of making sure that the rights of all people in the entertainment and arts realm are safe guarded. When their rights are in the right place a better end result flows, naturally.
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The Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association is a new non-profit association that was launched in 2020. This association has under its wing all creators, performers, promoters, producers, suppliers, cultural educators & all technical people who work in the Entertainment Industry and Arts covering all the different sectors including Music, theatre, Dance, Film, Art & Fashion. The aim of the association is to unite all parties involved in the entertainment industry, anyone who has an interest in the various sectors within this industry.


Our industry is a vital one and all sectors within our association create jobs, directly and indirectly. It is our duty to safeguard each and every person that depend on us. Our mission goes beyond dealing with the effect of the pandemic is having over our industry, our mission is a 24/7 job towards common good within each and every sector of the Entertainment and Arts realm.
Howard Keith Debono
MEIA President

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The Malta Chamber and MEIA have agreed to co-operate on matters of common interest in national policy. The two representative organisations shall engage in dialogue and exchange notes with a view to endorse each other’s stands on key issues and issue joint positions or policy papers. As part of this ongoing dialogue, the Parties may promote joint positions at national and international fora where they are separately represented.

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