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The goal is to have all sectors, roles and genres come together as one Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association.
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MEIA is an association that works 24/7 towards one common goal - that of making sure that the rights of all people in the entertainment and arts realm are safe guarded. When their rights are in the right place a better end result flows, naturally.
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The Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association is a new non-profit association that was launched in 2020. This association has under its wing all creators, performers, promoters, producers, suppliers, cultural educators & all technical people who work in the Entertainment Industry and Arts covering all the different sectors including Music, Theatre, Dance, Film, Visual Arts & Arts Education. The aim of the association is to unite all parties involved in the entertainment industry and anyone who has an interest in the various sectors within this industry.

“The creative sectors are not only unique but also vital to our society, holding boundless potential. I firmly believe in positioning these sectors on equal footing with other industries, recognising their vast socio-economic impact. We persist in our efforts to establish robust foundations and infrastructure, ensuring efficiency, sustainability, accessibility, whilst raising awareness of the Malta’s creative professionals .”

Maria Galea
President of MEIA

MEIA received its first operational grant from Arts Council Malta in 2022; to develop a three-year programme enabling MEIA to build the capacity of the organisation,  deliver professional support to its members and address its mission to improve, promote and protect the status of the artist and the cultural professional. The project will consist of several initiatives ranging from establishing a MEIA minimum payment schedule to a MEIA industry expo, from workshops to meetups for young creatives and export opportunities in international industry markets. 

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Photo Credits: Albert Camilleri