MEIA calls for transparency and accountability – 2024

PRESS RELEASE Date: 08/04/2024 MEIA calls for increased transparency and accountability – 2024 The Malta Entertainment & Arts Association (MEIA) together with MEIA’s Visual Arts Advisory Committee welcomes the organisation of a large-scale biennial across the Maltese Islands. This initiative resonates with the vision which MEIA proposed during the stakeholder’s consultation of the Malta […]


MEIA Budget Recommendations 2022 Download PDF

Press Release – 30th July 2021 – Valletta, Malta

MEIA is disappointed to note that the guidelines for standing events, expected to start in two weeks with a capping of 100 people per cluster, increasing to 300 by the end of August, have not yet been published by the Health Authorities. Seated events are expected to be increased from the current 150 seats per […]

Press Release || 11-04-2021

PRESS RELEASE                     DATE 10-04-21 MEIA is deeply concerned that performing arts schools have not been allowed to reopen. Whereas public health remains a priority for the association and its members, lack of consultation with the industry has created considerable damage to the provision of arts […]