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Arts Educational schools have been operating safely following health protocols since July 2020. Our schools are not considered a source of virus spread and have offered huge relief to the mental well-being of thousands of students of various ages who have had their life style so drastically changed as a result of the pandemic.

The importance of Arts Education is indisputable. It not only provides an outlet for creativity and self-expression, but also allows students to interact and communicate in a safe, regulated environment.  Lesson duration is shorter and there has been emphasis on providing a safe space for practice with no contact and rigorous group division. Furthermore, these schools provide jobs for many arts practitioners who have had their performances slashed to practically nothing over the past year.

Students in such schools are now reaching examination periods. These examinations are fully recognised by the MQRIC and offer O’level standard and above, to students via remote examinations through international boards. Students have been preparing for these exams all year in parallel with academic subjects. Not reopening the schools physically would mean students would have to cancel these exams, compounding yet another disappointment for them.

 While performing arts schools have been able to adapt to virtual teaching, this was only a temporary measure taken for students to continue their growth and progress, albeit the difficulties students were facing.

We urge the authorities to provide clarity on the opening of arts school.

 The prolonged closure of schools opens the risk of losing thousands of students to the arts. Resulting in the closure of several schools and a void in the arts sector. 

Together we want to ensure that arts education remains an essential part in our education system and provides for the development, growth and nurturing of well rounded individuals

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