Since its foundation, the Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association has been Malta’s leading voice for the arts and entertainment sectors. With Gross Value Added generated by the cultural and creative sectors to Malta’s economy, the sectors must once again be considered as drivers for economic and social development.

The association representing around 2500+ stakeholders is once again calling for sensitive action to be considered and attention given to the arts and entertainment sectors.Due to the general expenditure cuts expected, we have shortlisted points which have already been presented prior to the public authorities, for the Budget 2024:

1 .Equitable Distribution of Funding: MEIA advocates for prudence in resource allocation away from vanity projects and towards initiatives prioritising equitable funding for the local arts scene. The objective is to ensure that financial resources are directed toward projects that have a significant and lasting impact on the development of the arts community.

2. Recognising the Importance of Public Funding for the Arts: The association underscores the significant importance of public funding for arts and cultural projects while acknowledging the constraints of available funding. It emphasises the need for public funding to continue meeting the evolving needs of the sectors.

3. Establishing a Private-Public Entity for Creative Economy Sustainability: MEIA recommends the creation of a dedicated private-public entity focused on recognising, promoting, and disbursing funding for incentives designed to reduce reliance on public funds and enhance long-term sustainability. This approach aims to foster a self-sustaining creative sector and balance public and private support. The entity would encourage a holistic approach across sectors, recognising their impact on the creative economy, attracting foreign investment, and creating job opportunities. The suggestion is also made for the Malta Film Commission to fall under this entity.

4. Addressing Rehearsal and Production Space Issues: MEIA highlights the urgency of addressing long-standing issues related to investment in rehearsal spaces. It emphasises the need for improved infrastructure and resources to facilitate the work and development of artists and creative professionals.

5. Swift Implementation of Tax Incentives: MEIA emphasises the importance of promptly implementing planned tax incentives, including reimbursement for creative professionals affected by  the lack of application of the 7.5% tax incentive in their tax returns.

6. Tax Incentives for Early Retirement Artists: MEIA proposes tax incentives for established artists who choose early retirement to enable them to continue practising and selling their work or services.

7. Regularisation of Niche Sectors within the Industry: MEIA recommends investing in a system that recognizes the operational structure of niche sectors, addressing challenges faced by entities and enterprises such as art galleries and artist-run spaces that operate in environments that do not recognise their operations.

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Photo Credits: Albert Camilleri