BUILDING YOUR AUDIENCE – Audience Development Strategies for Creative Professionals & Organisations

We invite you to our upcoming workshop as part of our Outreach Programme, which is designed to assist and guide creative professionals in Malta. Our goal is to provide awareness and training opportunities to support the sustainable growth of creative individuals.

Together with Toni Attard during our second workshop, we shall be answering and targeting a number of questions raised by our community in relation to Audience Development.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can we build new audiences?
  • What are the strategic tools facilitating audience development and engagement?
  • How can we sustain audience engagement?
  • How to understand your audience? 

Audience development is a set of practices that respond to the growing need of cultural organisations and creative professionals to increase, diversify and engage current and potential audiences. This approach can generate real change, provided that the strategic orientation towards the audience becomes a structural process and attitude within the organisation as a whole, and does not represent a mere additional function or service.

What will you learn?

  • The key principles of Audience Development

  • Understanding Audiences: key concepts of segmentation and targeting

  • Developing and Implementing Strategies: the implications and opportunities of an audience oriented approach, through innovative marketing tools and a participatory approach

  • Evaluation and Next Steps: assessment of the strategies and potential plans for future development in building your audiences

This workshop can help you understand approaches and methods in the area of Audience Development. You will learn best practices for fostering a more audience-centric approach within your organisation and as a creative professional


In collaboration with Toni Attard

Toni Attard is a creative industries specialist, theatre director, actor, and founder of Culture Venture, an arts advisory and management firm in Malta. Described by the British Council as ‘Malta’s foremost cultural advocate’, Toni was the first Director of Strategy at Arts Council Malta and was responsible for the leadership of the strategy team that created and developed the Council’s five year strategy. He served as an advisor to the Ministry of Finance to co-author the creative economy strategy and Malta’s national cultural policy. Toni is a regular speaker at international conferences and a visiting lecturer in arts management at the University of Malta. He graduated from the University of Malta in Communications and Theatre Studies. As a Chevening scholar he completed his postgraduate studies in cultural management and policy at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Toni is a founding member of Opening Doors, an NGO for the artistic development of adults with learning disabilities. He is also a theatre director and served as Festival Director of ZiguZajg international festival for children and young people for four editions until 2015. In 2019, Toni chaired the International Programming Advisory Committee for the 8th World Summit for Arts and Culture in Malaysia and is a co-founder and board member of the Cultural Policy Designers Network.

27/02/2024 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Valletta Design Cluster, Conference Hall

The event will be also streamed online. If you prefer this option, kindly let us know and we will send you the link.

Refreshments included


This project is supported by Arts Council Malta through Investment in Cultural Organisations Scheme.

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