MEIA is launching a series of focus groups designed to engage creative professionals across Malta. These sessions aim to provide a platform for artists, entertainment, and cultural workers to voice their perspectives, discuss sector-specific challenges, and offer feedback. This initiative will create a safe space for valuable input, which will be incorporated into MEIA’s lobbying processes and proposals to public and private entities.

What is a Focus Group?

A focus group is a qualitative research method used to gather in-depth insights and opinions from a group of individuals about a particular issue.

What will MEIA do with the feedback received?

In response to our discussions, MEIA will compile and summarize all points raised during our focus groups into comprehensive reports. These reports will be made available to the public to ensure transparency and to foster wider engagement.

Additionally, we will include these reports in our proposals to both public and private entities, enhancing the robustness of our advocacy efforts.

To enrich our understanding and bolster our initiatives, we will conduct focus groups in parallel with targeted surveys on specific issues. We believe that this integrated approach to gathering data and conducting research is essential for developing inclusive and sustainable models.

Focus Groups Topics May to September 2024

  • Access to Rehearsal and Studio Spaces in Malta
  • Revision of 7.5% Tax for Creative Professionals
  • Copyrights and licensing
  • Insurance policies for creative sectors
  • Financial support models from private entities
  • Rates Cards and Payments Fees

How to be part of a Focus Group?

We will launch a registration system for all working groups with a maximum capacity of 30 participants.

Who can participate?

All registered members can take part in the consultation processes during the Focus Groups

We look forward to welcoming our members to share their feedback and be part of MEIA’s action plan towards building a more sustainable creative sectors in Malta. 

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