MEIA is looking to recruit an administrator on a contract for service of 25 hours per week. The post is available for at least the next three years, with a 3 month probation period.

The post has the following duties:

  • To coordinate and follow up the meetings for the President and Vice President of MEIA; 
  • To coordinate and follow up the meetings of the Executive Committee and of the Advisory Committee and each Subcommittee and to support each of these Committees in their work;
  • To take minutes of the meetings of the above Committees if necessary;
  • To be responsible for the main administrative duties of the organisation – including assisting with the administration relating to MEIA’s obligations as a registered voluntary organisation, and relating to the bank account;
  • To administer the list of members, liaise with new members, assist with membership drives, and member outreach initiatives;
  • To assist with the organisation’s social media accounts and email monitoring; 
  • To assist with MEIA’s upcoming organisation of a programme of events, workshops and initiatives under the ArtsCouncil Malta Grant recently awarded to MEIA including reporting and project implementation;
  • To carry out administrative duties for the day to day running of the organisation. 


The ideal candidate is a self-motivated person working in the arts and/or entertainment industry, preferably holding a degree or diploma in cultural management, communications, media or similar. Since this is being awarded as a contract for service, the candidate should have their own VAT number and will be required to fulfil all their own tax and social security contributions. 

This is a remote working post, so duties may be carried out anywhere based in Malta due to the upcoming organisation of events and project implementation in Malta.

Interested candidates must submit their CV to by the 31st May 2023.

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