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MEIA’s Film & TV Subcommittee has been collaborating with Malta Producers’ Association to provide feedback for Arts Council Malta regarding the consultations on the new Film Fund. We would like to share with you the proposal that includes all the points that MPA and MEIA have been discussing for the last couple of years. 

These recommendations aim to ensure that public funds are utilised effectively, fostering an environment where domestic screen production can thrive and contribute significantly to Malta’s cultural and economic landscape.


  • Financial interventions and incentives – the fund must consider the characteristics of the
    global market and formulate an appropriate strategy that can have the greatest impact
  • Collaboration and policy development – the establishment of a cohesive National Film Policy through collaboration between the Malta Film Commission and Arts Council is essential for the unification of screen production efforts 
  • Operational procedures – ACM can integrate domestic screen production into its scope and create a favourable environment for the thriving Maltese screen industry
  • Funding streams – in the realm of content creation, funding streams are vital for nurturing diverse projects across various formats.
  • Future vision and industry development – establishing a five-year strategic plan for Creative Malta can significantly impact the domestic screen industry
  • Consultation and training – Engagement with industry stakeholders and continuous professional development are crucial for
    the Arts Council Malta to remain abreast of the rapidly evolving international screen production

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Photo Credits: Albert Camilleri