PROTECT YOUR WORK – Intellectual Property & Commercialisation for Creative Professionals

We invite you to our upcoming workshop as part of our Outreach Programme, which is designed to assist and guide creative professionals in Malta. Our goal is to provide awareness and training opportunities to support the sustainable growth of creative individuals.

Together with Dr Jeanine Rizzo during our first workshop, we shall be answering and targeting a number of questions raised by our community in relation to Intellectual Property, protection, and commercialisation.

Frequently asked questions:

-How can one copyright their creative work? And which intellectual property rights apply to the work created?

-How can you monetise your intellectual property?

-How to look out for your intellectual property when signing a contract?

-What should you do if someone infringes your intellectual property?

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, characterised by advancements in technology, such as AI, intellectual property rights remain pivotal for creative professionals to safeguard their work and secure the acknowledgment and compensation they rightfully merit. Neglecting these rights can lead creative individuals to feel that their contributions lack the recognition they deserve, potentially compelling them to seek alternative career paths. To foster sustainable growth within the dynamic creative industry, it is imperative to underscore the importance of safeguarding your work and ensuring equitable compensation. This ensures that you can persist in generating innovative and inspiring content amidst the ever-changing technological and creative landscape.

What will you learn?

Legal Framework: Gain insights into the legal framework surrounding intellectual property, including the latest developments and changes in IP law.

Monetisation: Learn how to monetise your intellectual property, whether through licensing, selling, or other income-generating avenues, and how to maximise its value.

Free Use and Ethical Considerations: Explore the concept of free use, ethical considerations in the creative industry, and how to navigate potential grey areas.

 This workshop can help you understand the legal framework surrounding intellectual property and how to navigate it. You will learn best practices for sharing your work, how to safeguard your creative property and resources to help understand legal processes, and what to expect when commercialising your work.


In collaboration with Dr Jeanine Rizzo

Dr Jeanine Rizzo is a lawyer graduated from the University of Malta who has furthered her studies in the fields of intellectual property law and art & antiquity law at Masters level at University College London. While in London she was a research assistant to the late Professor Norman Palmer, carrying out research on the law of bailment and on art law. Upon her return to Malta, she built a practice in intellectual property law and art law at Fenech & Fenech Advocates for 11 years. She has now ventured forward with her own consultancy, RIZZO. Jeanine specialises in Copyright (both new and old media), trade marks, patents, design rights, entertainment law, music law and film law. Her experience has taken her into the depth of the creative industries with tailored legal expertise to all matters concerning the industry. She is also a lecturer and examiner at the University of Malta and at MCAST, is frequently published writing about the subject, is the General Secretary of the Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association (MEIA) and is a former member of the Chamber of Commerce RTDI Committee.

16/11/2023 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Valletta Design Cluster, Studio 1 & 2

The event will be also streamed online. If you prefer this option, kindly let us know and we will send you the link.


If you are not MEIA’s member and you would like to attend the workshop, kindly register for free HERE before RSVP.

This project is supported by Arts Council Malta through Investment in Cultural Organisations Scheme.

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